"Rebuilding the Lives of the Wrongfully Convicted"

Vincent Moto

vincentmoto Convicted of: Rape
State: Pennsylvania
Served: 10.5 years
Released: 1996
Compensated by State: No
Current Status: Unemployed
Health Insurance: No
Then: Vincent Moto was pushing his baby son in a stroller down a Philadelphia street in 1985, when a woman passed him on the street and accused him of being one of two assailants who had raped her five months earlier. Vincent was put on trial and convicted on the basis of the victim’s identification. After ten and a half years in prison, DNA testing excluded Vincent as the source of the biological evidence that led to his conviction. He was released from prison with no apology from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, nor compensation for the time he lost in prison. His conviction remains on the books.

Now: Vincent returned to his hometown of Philadelphia in 1996, moving in with his parents who owned a home there. His three children were by then 16, 15 and 11, and were joined by a daughter born in 1997. Now, with his three eldest grown, Vincent has sole custody of his daughter and is raising her in the house in which he was raised.

Vincent’s passion is music. He composed, arranged, produced and performed the closing song in the critically acclaimed documentary film “After Innocence.” The piece, also entitled “After Innocence” tells his story of wrongful conviction and painful imprisonment in a pop beat style with rap lyrics. Its intoxicating rhythm and painful message has captivated audiences, resulting in brisk sales of his CD at those performances that Vincent can personally attend.

Vincent plays bass guitar, keyboard, drums, and percussion. He has his own studio and has produced, written, and arranged worked for other artists.

To support himself and his daughter, Vincent has held positions at Sears and National In-Store Services with a wide range of responsibilities including sales, team leader, display installment, and manager. He also has worked doing skilled labor, constructing fencing, applying siding, and hanging sheet rock.

While music is his passion, the primary preoccupation for Vincent since leaving prison has been earning an income to support his daughter. He is presently unemployed and seeking work of any kind that uses his multifaceted skills.

With the theatrical release of “After Innocence,” Vincent hopes to increase sales of the song he produced for the film. To do so, he needs to establish and manage a website, as well as produce the CDs for sale.

Until then, Vincent’s CD can be purchased by sending a check for $20 to:

Vincent Moto
1643 S.23rd Street
Philadelphia, PA 19145