"Rebuilding the Lives of the Wrongfully Convicted"

David Pope


davidpope Convicted of: Sexual Assault
State: Texas
Served: 15 years
Released: 2001
Compensated by State: Yes
Current Status: Self employed 
Health Insurance: No
Then: David Shawn Pope was exonerated and freed in 2001 after DNA testing proved his innocence of a 1985 sexual assault. David was pardoned by Texas Governor Rick Perry and walked out of jail after spending 15 years incarcerated for a crime he did not commit. The perpetrator has been identified, but the statute of limitations for this crime has been exceeded.

Now: David lives in Sonoma COunty, California with his mother. Since his release, David has been traveling, attending school, taking guitar classes, and participating in method acting workshops to help him deal with his trauma. David is currently self employed and has worked since his release in the retail and building/landscape supply industries. David's interests include culture, spirituality, relationships, and society. He enjoys drawing, playing guitar, hiking, mountain biking and weight lifting. As David states, he is “finding his niche in this crazy world.” He is making an effort to embrace holistic remedies and resources that treat the totality of his experience. He spends time with his mother and enjoys taking road trips when he can.

Hometown: Cotati, California

  • Employment: David has an excellent work ethic and is open to a wide array of job positions