"Rebuilding the Lives of the Wrongfully Convicted"

Gary Gauger





Convicted of: Murder
State: Illinois
Served: 3 years
Released: 1996
Compensated by State: 
Current Status: 
Health Insurance: 

Then: In 1993, Gary's mother and father were brutally murdered at their family farm in Illinois where Gary was living. A day after the muder, Gary found his father and called the police who found his mother. He was immediately targeted by the police and subjected to an all-night interrogation during which police posed hypothetical to Gary and his responses were later presented as confessions. He was charged with the murder, based on testimony from forensic and property experts while he testified for five and a half hours, giving every detail he could remember. He was convicted and sentenced to death. From prison, Gary wrote numerous letters to friends and family and was eventually reassigned a new lawyer who finally secured Gary's freedom. 

Now: After Gary was released, he moved back home. He now lives with his wife on the same farm his parents once owned. Gary is an adamant public speaker and travels across the country to tell his story. 

Hometown: Richmond, Illinois