"Rebuilding the Lives of the Wrongfully Convicted"


The Life After Exoneration Program is the only national organization dedicated to helping survivors of wrongful conviction re-enter society and rebuild their lives. The Life After Exoneration Program is working to ensure that exonerees have access to badly needed services, and is helping to build a community of the exonerated. The Life After Exoneration Program is supporting policy reform on behalf of the exonerated.

Over 500 exonerees in our country have proven their innocence and been released from prison after having been convicted of crimes they did not commit. On average, they serve more than 12 years in prison before release.

But the nightmare of wrongful conviction and incarceration does not end there. The exonerated face serious challenges in virtually every aspect of rebuilding their lives on the outside - employment, housing, financial resources, support systems, and access to medical, psychological and dental care. In most cases, exonerees are pushed out the prison door without as much as an apology, and left to fend for themselves. We are changing that.